We’re here to revolutionize the seafood industry

With an open, free, transparent marketplace.
At Seafood Souq we all come to work every day to solve the biggest problems when it comes to Seafood procurement; Efficiency, Choice, Transparency and Traceability.

We’ve created an online marketplace that gives retailers, horeca, processors, distributors, food services and other business buyers a place to buy all their seafood direct from source.

Discover worldwide seafood producers and compare products and prices in just a few clicks.

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A more efficient supply chain

By creating a digitized supply chain and connecting buyers direct to the source, it eliminates the need for expensive warehousing and storage giving you the best product price, but that’s not all:

  • Receive a fresher product shipped straight from Sea to B.
  • Get reliable, trackable shipping with our partner Emirates SkyCargo.
  • Learn more about where your product comes from and how your seafood was produced.
  • Contribute to responsible sourcing and reduce seafood waste caused by complex supply chains.

100% traceable seafood

Get complete supply chain traceability with our innovative traceability technology. Every order comes with an official SFS Trace traceability document.
This tells you how and where your fish was produced, when it was harvested and all the necessary certifications.

With 1 in 5 seafood products mislabelled globally, we want to eliminate the worry of businesses receiving lesser value products or fish that can be damaging to consumer’s health. We're passionate about bringing more transparency to the industry and eliminating seafood fraud for good.

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Our core team

Meet the people behind your great shopping experience

Sean Dennis

CEO & Co-founder

Fahim Al Qasimi

Chairman & Co-founder

Osama Al Muqbel

Chief Technology Officer

Hameed Al Beiruty

Head of Product

Sophie Hunter- James

Marketing Manager

Omar Al Hasan

Operations Manager

Scott Chambers

Marketplace Manager

Saddam Sabra

Logistics Manager

Diana Basto

HR & Financial Operations Manager