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Having added Lezita Balık brand to its activities and working to create healthy generations, Abalıoğlu is an organization that has been operating for half a century. The company opened Turkey's first private ruminant feed factory with a revolutionary innovation in 1969 and achieved great success in a short time by diversifying its business lines both at domestic and abroad. Today, with the investments made in technology and human resources, it has become the leader of the sector in the fields of agriculture, livestock, and food. Ranked 47th in the list of Turkey's top 500 industrial companies published every year by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with its corporate vision, Abalıoğlu is the market leader of Turkey in the feed sector with the annual production of 1.500.000 tons of ruminant, poultry and fish feed. The production volume reached 180,000 tons of chicken meat, 500.000 pieces of table eggs and 25.000 tons of charcuterie and processed products annually, and it has become the distinct organization in the industry with its size. The company, which created a brand new field of activity in the Abalıoğlu integration with fish production realized with the Lezita Balık brand, reached to the production capacity of 20.000 tons of seabream, seabass, meagre and trout in a short time. Moreover, the Company has not satisfied with this and has carried the expertise it gained in the food sector to pet food sector as well. The company has attained its place in the Turkish market with the brands Fed & Happy, Forlance and Petquitte. Serving to a large customer portfolio, Abalıoğlu Group continues its activities with the thought of a complete integration and by expanding its targets day by day with more than 3,000 employees.

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