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Afritex is a global group of companies, which consists of a team of professionals that are passionate and driven in their careers.  Our team works together as a family, striving to achieve the same goal of excellence in terms of the quality of seafood we supply, client services and overall commitment and dedication to every aspect of our business.
We have put together a team of experts in their relative fields, some having over 20 years experience.  Our dynamic team ensures the smooth running of all our operations, which consists of two Longline tuna and swordfish operations in Beira, Mozambique and Port Louis, Mauritius; Trawler operations in Maputo, Mozambique; Retail operations in South Africa and finally the Food Trading Platform our team of experts are in the process of developing.  Our fishing operations include a self-owned fleet of 14 Longline, 3 Trawler and 2 Demersal vessels.

Afritex currently exports up to 2000 tonnes of fresh tuna and swordfish per annum to Japan, USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australia and up to 2500 tonnes of frozen product, sold as whole frozen or value-added into retail ready lines. In addition to exporting seafood caught from our own vessels, Afritex has a trading department dealing in global trades, with a team that has extensive experience and that keep their fingers on the pulse of international market trends.

Our seafood is customised to our clients requirements in terms of product specification and packaging.  Specification sheets are compiled for all products and are compliant with international standards.

Afritex has a unique Fish Trace system, which allows seafood to be traced back to origin and includes full traceability in terms of ocean, vessel and date of catch; temperature monitoring; fish species and other relevant data.  The total movement of the seafood from origin to final destination is recorded.  Seafood across the globe can be traced simply by scanning the product barcode tag.

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