How can we help?

Find answers to frequently asked questions below

How can we help?

Find answers to frequently asked questions below


What is Seafood Souq?

Seafood Souq is an online B2B marketplace that gives business buyers one place to order all their Seafood, direct from any local & international seller.

Discover, compare and procure all your seafood in one place.

How are you different from a Distributor?

Traditionally Seafood is sold via a distributor who buys from the source, stores the product, and sells to the end buyer.
Our online marketplace connects you directly to Seafood sellers so you can procure your seafood straight from the source.
Choose from small independent producers to international aquaculture farms. Get total visibility and control over where your product comes from and the price you pay.

How are your prices so great for fresh seafood?

Ordering direct from source saves costs as there are no unnecessary intermediaries in the supply chain and zero added costs that are typically added by warehousing and other cumbersome overheads involved in conventional distribution models. Buying direct from seafood producers gives you a fresher product and a more cost-effective way to procure seafood for your business.

What do you mean by transparency?

As a business buyer, you should have complete visibility on the product you choose to buy and serve your customers.
Seafood Souq gives you total visibility on the people behind your product, how it was produced, the market price, and how it arrives to your door.

Product Quality

Who are the seafood sellers?

This is a global marketplace where responsible seafood producers and sellers from all over the world can sell their products to you. Choose from local and international sellers, from staple products to specialty seafood, we add new products, countries and producers weekly for you to discover.

What is the quality of the products?

We ensure that all Sellers meet a strict criteria to sell on our marketplace. All shipments undergo quality checks by Dubai Municipality on arrival and our Seafood Souq quality checklist before delivery.
You can serve Salmon to your customers within 48 hours of it being caught, we mean it when we say fresh seafood.

What is 100% Traceable Seafood?

Your seafood is traced from the moment its captured all the way until it’s delivered to you.
With every order you receive our official Seafood Souq traceability document. This includes information on the supplier, harvest dates and official health certificates to verify the standard of your seafood.
We’re also rolling out cutting edge supply chain technology SFS Trace to give you a way to pass this information to your end customer. You can learn more about this here.

Shipping & tracking

How is my product shipped?

We control the entire supply chain from Sea to B minimising the number of hands your product passes through. International seafood is shipped with our partner Emirates SkyCargo first-class cold chain and delivered straight to your business. The freshest seafood in the UAE.

How do I track my order?

We understand the importance of getting your order on time. We’ll send you email updates at each stage of your order fulfillment, you can also check this status at any time by simply logging into your account dashboard.

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we offer delivery services to Dubai and Sharjah. Please let us know if you would like us to service your region by sending us an email to

Do I have to pay additional customs and charges?

No. One of our key pillars is to be fully transparent with our pricing. The price you see is the price delivered to you including, shipping, & custom fees.

Payment & Accounts

How do I pay?

We have flexible payment options including credit terms and cash on delivery.

How do I sign up?

We believe seafood procurement shouldn’t take up a lot of your time.
It’s free and quick to sign up, just fill in a few details about your business and you are ready to place your order.

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